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Sarah Glenn

Engagement Director

Sarah Glenn is MRC’s Director of Community Engagement and also works as an MRC tennis pro. She plans community events, raises funds for MRC programs, and helps promote MRC’s mission to build community through sports and fitness programs. Sarah has been at MRC since 2021. “As soon as I came to MRC, I knew it was a special place, ” said Sarah, “There are very few indoor tennis facilities where anybody can play without buying an expensive membership, and even fewer facilities that offer need-based financial assistance. I love helping to make MRC programs accessible to everyone in our community.”

Prior to working at MRC, Sarah has an extensive background in community engagement and fundraising in the arts sector, most recently at Lexington Symphony Orchestra, Salt Bay Chamberfest, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. “My favorite thing about MRC is the wonderful community that is created simply by doing lifelong sports together, day after day, week after week, year after year. Amazing friendships result," she said. “I love combining my passion for teaching tennis with my passion for providing opportunities for underserved communities, and it comes together for me at MRC.”

“As a young person, my family did not have the funds to pay for the kind of tennis instruction I needed. I I had several tennis coaches who saw my talent and drive to improve, and they taught me for free. One trained with me every afternoon after school from the age of 10-14. Another sponsored me in high school, paying for USTA tournament entries and corresponding travels, shoes, racquets, etc. I personally know the value and impact of helping others learn lifelong sports and eliminating financial barriers to participation. At MRC, I consider it a privilege to do likewise for others. My goal is to increase our annual philanthropic giving within the MRC community, so we can give out even more scholarships, and welcome more people into our facilities who would be otherwise unable to participate. We also need to raise annual support to maintain our beautiful facilities. Another goal is to bring community members together of all ages and backgrounds, through a shared love of lifelong sports. When sports and fitness programs center around community, participants have fun and stick with it. They develop healthier habits and lifestyles that lead to longer, more fulfilled lives.

As we build community at MRC, I want to share stories – stories of friendship, and lives impacted by MRC programs and coaches. We will do this in a variety of different ways. If you are interested in getting involved with building community at MRC and also helping our community to sustain MRC through charitable giving, please reach out. We are always looking for new members of our Community Engagement Committee”

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