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Theodore Hedstrom Memorial Tournament 2023

Thank you to everyone participating/volunteering this year. Your support is felt in many many ways. Below are the schedules for the tournament this year. Also, there is a link to purchase Theodore Hedstrom Memorial apparel.

Want to Volunteer?

High School Division

Friday at 6:40-8:40pm

Schedule here>


Apparel Store Opens 3/31 by 4pm
Limited Time only
Closes 4/3 @11:59PM EST

Tier II/III Division

Saturday at 9-11am

Schedule here>

Tier IV Division

Saturday at 11-1pm

Schedule here>

Young Guns 2013 and Under

Saturday 1-3pm

Schedule here>

Adult B Division

Sunday at 9-12pm

Schedule here>


Adult A Division

Sunday 12-2pm

Schedule here>

Family Division

Sunday at 2-5pm

Schedule here>


Kindness    Teamwork    Grit Sportsmanship     Friendship

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