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Sheryl A. Carpenter

Golf Pro

After living in her native Midcoast Maine community for all of her life where she worked as a Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer, Sheryl and her husband began spending the winter months in Southwest Florida 4 years ago. There, she has become passionate about golf while living on a golf course and working in the fitness center of an elite golf club in Naples. The setting has been perfect for diving deeply into how golf swing characteristics are so heavily influenced by very specific areas of strength, range of motion and balance. With a certification from the Titlist Performance Institute, Sheryl is able to take clients through a course of assessments, unlocking areas of the body that can be focused on in the gym with the goal of helping the client discover his/her most powerful and repeatable golf swing.

Sheryl’s approach to training with clients is built around something called Functional Fitness – performing movements that mimic everyday actions while, many times, incorporating multiple muscle groups at once. This is the best way to build strength, stability and mobility across the body; not just for the time spent in the gym, playing golf or participating in other sport, but for day to day living

Qualifications & Education:
• TPI certified Fitness Professional
• AFAA certified Personal Trainer
• AFAA certified Group Exercise Instructor
• NASM certified Golf Fitness Specialist
• NASM certified Nutrition Coach
• AFAA certified G.E.A.R. Indoor Cycling Instructor
• American Heart Association certified – CPR

Specialty Areas:
• TPI Golf Fitness Assessments
• Customized Golf Fitness Programs
• Personal Training
• Assisted Stretching

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