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Tennis Racket Stringing

Eric Lee is our racket stringer here at the MRC. We have 5 types of string that we carry here or you can bring in your own string. We have a 72 hour turn around policy, however if needed we do have a 24 hour rush fee of $10. This can be done by contacting Eric and assuring that his schedule is clear to get it done.

The string choices are as follows:


                                    * Wilson Sensation 16 or 17 Gauge               $32

                                    * Wilson NXT 16 or 17 Gauge                        $40

                                    * Luxilon 4G                                                    $39

                                    * Luxilon Sensation 16 or 17 Gauge Hybrid   $35.50

                                    * Luxilon NXT 16 or 17 Gauge Hybrid            $39.50   



                                       Other Services

                                   * Wilson Over Grip                                          $3     

                                   * Wilson Sublime (Replacement Grip)            $8 * additional $5 service fee 

                                   * Replace Grommets                                      $7 service fee


  We do replace grommets, however, we do not purchase them. The customer provides the grommet sets to be replaced. Eric can help direct you to the right grommet set. 

When you bring your racket in to be strung, we will ask you the desired string and tension. If you're not sure, you may contact Eric or tell us that you have no preference. Eric will string mid range and use our most common string choice if there is no desired string. If you have had your racket strung here before, you may tell us same as before, we keep a very detailed log. If you have not had your racket strung here before and we don't have the string that you desire, we can use the string that is most comparable to the one you have. Otherwise, you may bring in your own string, the cost for providing your own string is $22. 

Eric's Contact Information

E- Mail:

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