Specialty programs are programs for the advanced skaters who have passed most of our Basic Skills programs. In order to be in these classes, you have to have passed Basic 3. This year we have two Package Options for these classes: Intro and Advanced. Please scroll to the bottom of this page for those options. 

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Session Dates

Session 1: Wednesdays 9/29-11/3             
                 Saturdays 10/2-11/6                                    
Session 2: Wednesdays 11/10-12/15          
                 Saturdays 11/13-12/18
Session 3: Wednesdays 1/5-2/9
                  Saturdays 1/1-2/5

Session 4: Wednesdays 2/23-3/23

Session Dates

Session 3: 1/2-2/10

Session 4: 2/13-3/6 (4 week session)

Freestyle Ice 

Wednesdays 3:40-4:30pm $14

Wednesdays 4:30-5:20pm $14

Saturdays 9-10am              $17

Theatre on Ice

Saturdays 11:30am-12:00pm

Cost: $85/ 6 weeks

Pre Req: Must pass Basic 3

The introduction of the core components of Theatre on Ice include choreography, skating movements and the camaraderie shared between skaters at the introductory level. The four themes for the curriculum are joy, body as an instrument, traveling through space and rhythm.

Intro to Edges

Saturdays 10:20-10:45am

Cost: $70/ 6 weeks

Pre Req: MUST pass Basic 3

Learn the fundamentals of figure skating. the basis of this class teaches traditional school figures and moves in the field, learning all of the classic edges and turns in an orderly progression of exercises. Focusing on teaching proper technique, carriage, and extensions. 25 minutes of instruction.

Advanced Edges 

Saturdays 10:20-10:45am

Cost: $80/ 6 weeks

Pre Req: Must pass Freeskate 1

Designed to build on the skills learned in Intro to Edges. Learning more complex edges and turns in the school figures, and moves in the field tests from Double 3 turns to more challenging turns such as Rockers, Counters, Choctaws, Twizzles, and Figure Loops. Focusing on building on solid technique, carriage, extension, and building power.

Intro to Freeskate

Saturdays 11:05-11:30am

Cost: $70

Pre Req: MUST pass Basic 3


Learn the beginning steps to jumping and spinning on the ice. This class is a great way to transition from Basic Skills to Freestyle Figure Skating. This is based off the Pre- Freeskate Basic Skills Program. This class must be done in conjunction with the Basic Skills class if in Basic 5 or 6. 

Advanced Freeskate 

Saturdays 11:05-11:30am

Cost: $80/ 6 weeks

Pre Req: Must pass Freeskate 1 

Designed around the USFS Freeskate 1-6 badge levels, this program consists of 6 levels that are designed to introduce the free skater to the elements of figure skating including jumps, spins, footwork, and edge drills. Skaters must have passed the Pre-Freeskate level. Class includes 25 minutes of instruction and 25 minutes of practice ice.

Power Stroking

Saturdays 10:45-10:55am

Cost: $50/ 6 weeks

Pre Req: MUST pass Basic 3

Stroking in figure skating is a method of moving forward or backward. The skater alternates pushing off using the inside blade of the skate. Even advanced skaters begin their skating session with a few laps of stroking around the rink.

Ice Dance

Saturdays 10:00-10:20am

Cost:$65/ 6 weeks

Pre Req: Must pass Pre- Prelim


The prime components of ice dancing, such as basic edges and turns, come together for the ice dance badge program. Skating alone or with a partner to different music genres, skaters learn the first six dance patterns in the U.S. Figure Skating test structure while embracing the beautiful stories that unfold on the ice.

Package Options

Intro Package

Saturdays 10:20-11:30am

Cost: $130/ 6 weeks

This package includes Intro to Edges, Intro to Freeskate, and Power Stroking. Save $60 by getting this package deal!

Advanced Package

Saturdays 10:00-11:30am

Cost: $195/ 6 weeks

This package includes Advanced Edges, Advanced Freeskate, Ice Dance, and Power Stroking. Save $80 by getting this package deal!