Skate Sharpening

This page is here to answer some of the questions you may have around skate sharpening at MRC.


We have a 24 hour turnaround policy for skate sharpening.  We are often able to sharpen skates as soon as they are dropped off but it is not guaranteed.  It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to sharpen skates.

Standard Sharpening Cost: $7

Custom Profile Cost: $25 

(Profiling occurs the Second Friday of every month, you must indicate what profile you would like on your skates (7', 9', 11', or 13') as well as what pitch (Standard, Forward, Defensive).   

skate sharpening
skate sharpening 2

Skate Guidelines & Helpful Information 

  • All new ice skates should be sharpened before use.

  • To prevent rust on the blades always dry skate blades before putting away.

  • It is always a good idea to wear skate guards when off the ice.

  • Do NOT step on tile or concrete with your skates on, this will dull the blade.

  • If you plan to go pond skating, you will most likely need to sharpen your skates before going back to rink skating as the dust and dirt captured in the ice dulls skates quickly.


There are a variety of ways to know when it’s time to sharpen your skates. The primary way to know is if you feel like you are slipping or sliding when trying to push out, stop or turn.  ​You can always ask one of our Arena Staff members and they will let you know if your skates need to be sharpened.