Pickleball is a racket sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis in which two to four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a polymer perforated ball over a net. Now held on the Tennis Courts! An instructional Pickleball Clinic is available through 5 Towns Adult Ed. 

We have a variety of pickleball classes that we run weekly. Please make sure to register ahead of time so we can ensure that if something is cancelled that we can notify you. This can be done by calling (207)236-9400 or registering online by using the link above. All classes are paid for when you register for them. 

Five Towns CSD runs Learn to Play clinics here at the MRC. Registration and payment is done through them. The website is :https://fivetowns.maineadulted.org/  

Learn to Play


Open Play is a place where you can practice your skills. We have a variety of open play times throughout each day and groups of all levels come to play out matches, practice for tournaments or practice skills that they have learned in their lessons. We have courts set up for each level ranging from beginner to advanced as well as a challenge court! These open play times are on our schedule that is listed above!



2 Hour Open Plays (MON - SUN)- $5

Monday 6-9pm - $8

Open Play


Skills & Drills

Patti Montana teaches a Skills & Drills Clinic on Wednesdays at 10-11am. This is an hour long class full of tips, tricks, and techniques of pickleball. This class is for people of any level who want to work on their skills in the game of pickleball. 




Private Lessons


Private lessons are available upon request. If you'd like to schedule a pickleball lesson, please contact Craig Wilson at craig@midcoastrec.org. 



30 minute - $28

1 hour- $48