If you or your child recently started taking private lessons in figure skating you may have heard from your coach, or other skaters about the test structure, or been told to start working on “moves in the field” or “prepreliminary” or your “first test”. The test structure can be confusing to new skaters, but it is one of the most important parts of figure skating, and will soon become an integral part of your skating language!

testing 5
testing 4
testing 6
testing 3
testing 2


These are set up with instructors directly and occur during Freestyle Ice Slots. Our Skating Director can help with getting you started.

$14+Instructor Fee


This is a great way to test the skills you’ve been developing by USFS officials.  A great accomplishment and can be done with any level.  Contact our

Skating Director for more details.

Kitrina Patterson- Skating Director


(516) 901-8088