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MRC Arena Holiday Gift Guide

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Check out our

Figure Skating Pathway >>>


Hockey Pathway

Live Barn Subscriptions are perfect for Parents, Grandparents or other relatives who would want to watch games even if they aren't local​. See info on left. <<<


Give the Gift of Skating

  • Learn to Skate Classes​

    • This is the best way to start skating
    • Basic Skills Classes are perfect for the beginning Hockey/Figure/Rec skater​
    • Learn to Skate Hockey Classes are also available
    • Starting at $60/mo​

  • Learn to Play Hockey Classes

    • Got a kid who wants to try hockey?!

    • We have the gear you need at no cost

    • 6U Hockey FIRST MONTH FREE

    • Starting at 6U-$20/mo  7+- $30/mo​​

  • Figure Skating Classes

    • Does your child love Figure Skating

    • These are the classes you want to start building your skills and performing

    • Starting at $10/mo​​

  • Gift Cards

    • General Use or Specific Use​

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