Birthday Parties at MRC

Party Opportunities
  • Ice Skating 

    • 20 skating passes, skate rental included​

    • 1 hour or 1.5 hours of skating

       Package choice based on             length of public skate on the         day your party will be held

  • Tennis

    • 1 hour of tennis instruction​

    • 30 minutes of lobby time for cake and ice cream

    • up to 20 racket rentals included

A Birthday Party Booking is not finalized until:
  •  A Reservation is made as well as the party payment of $150 (skating) for 1.5 hour Public Skate

  • $100 (skating) for a 1 hour Public Skate

  • $100 (tennis)

Please call the front desk (207) 236-9400 to inquire about a skating party and for a Tennis Party!