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New Years Eve Event

To Sign up, please call (207) 236-9400. Pre-Registration is recommended but not required. We will add your name to a list and you can make your donation at the door! If you can't make it to the event, we have a Giving Menu available for you to support us from afar! Please see below!

MRC's New Years Eve Giving Menu

Choose the level you'd like to donate! When you support us, your donation could go towards: 

Donations of $25-$50

  • $25- One dozen Tennis Over Grips

  • $25- Purchases a Hockey Stick

  • $25- One dozen new Pickleballs

  • $30- New Golf Balls

  • $30- One-month scholarship Fitness Membership

  • $37- Annual stringing cost for Tennis Racquets used in kids or adult programs

  • $48- Lesson for a new Pickleball or Tennis player

  • $50- Badges for Learn to Skate

Donations of $60-$100

  • $60- One month of Red, Orange, or Green Ball Junior Tennis Instruction

  • $65- Send a child to MRC’s Youth Golf Program

  • $70- Court time for local high school Tennis Practice session

  • $85- Purchases a Hockey Helmet

  • $100- One case of Red, Orange, or Green Balls for Junior Tennis

  • $100- Upkeep on Rental Skates

  • $100- Scholarship for one month of Pickleball Open Play

  • $100- Covers the cost of four Golf Orientation Sessions

Donations of $125-$500

  • $125- Covers the cost of a Learn to Skate class

  • $150- Send a child to Tennis Summer Camp

  • $200- Purchases a box of Hockey Pucks

  • $250- One month of practice time on our Golf Simulators for local high school teams

  • $250- High Performance Training session for Advanced Youth Players

  • $300- Covers the cost of a full season of Learn to Play Hockey

  • $300- One-year Fitness Member Membership

  • $400- Snowplow the parking lot after a snowstorm

  • $400- Stocks our Hockey Vending Machine

  • $500- Covers Learn to Skate for a year

  • $500- Side paneling for the Golf Room

  • $500- A new Tee-off Mat

  • $500- Purchases a New Staff Computer

Donations of $550-$1,000

  • $560- Purchases 8 new Pickleball Paddles

  • $600- Send an MRC tennis pro for Annual Training and Professional Development

  • $600- Purchases a full set of Hockey Equipment

  • $650- Annual scholarship for a youth Tennis Academy Player

  • $750- Purchases a full set of Hockey Goalie Equipment

  • $1,000- New set of Hockey Goals

  • $1,000- Purchases an additional AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

Donations of $1,500-$50,000

  • $1,500- Covers the Midcoast Classic Hockey Tournament fees for our 8U teams

  • $2,000- Purchases the Ice Paint for under the ice

  • $2,000- Purchase a new Screen for one bay of Virtual Golf

  • $2,500- Purchases Jerseys for Youth Hockey

  • $3,000- Covers the cost of Costumes for Figure Skating shows

  • $3,150- Court time for Tennis for Fun Special Needs Tennis group

  • $15,000- Update the Arena Sound System

  • $50,000- Sprinter Van for Youth Tennis programs

Donations of $100,000 and Above

  • $200,000- Purchase a new Zamboni

  • $350,000- Build four Outdoor Tennis Courts

  • $750,000- Build new Pickleball Courts

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